We create web and mobile applications with the value of outsourcing and the quality of local IT consulting.

At dubco.de we specialize in interactive and social applications - with
style and user experience in mind at every step of the process. We develop cross-platform native mobile apps as well as webapplications. Why exclude a large share of the market by creating an app that only works on one platform? The apps we craft for our clients work on all major operating systems - namely Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry - representing virtually all smartphones. For this, we use an HTML5 and JavaScript-based technology. In addition, we craft social media campaigns for clients that require not only a solid social marketing and communication strategy but the intelligent integration of that campaign with Facebook, mobile or webapps.

dubco.de is a small start-up that offers you the best of the two worlds of a local IT consultancy and IT outsourcing: high quality and value. You'll be only in touch with Berlin-based founder and app smith in charge Florian Ruecker, who consults, quality assures and feels personally responsible to produce an app that creates the value that your organization expects. Our developers from East Africa do the nitty gritty JS hacking that makes your app come to life.

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Phone (Berlin): +49 1787 576 438

Phone (UK): +44 7778609460